“Cultural understanding was a tool that could be used for saving or for killing, like the knife that cuts one way in the hands of a surgeon and another in the grip of a murderer.”
— "The Tender Soldier," a book on counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, reviewed by The New York TImes

The irony of Labor Day 2013. Don’t forget the Little Guy this holiday - he doesn’t always get invited to his own party. 

Does forcing gay conversion therapy on minors amount to psychological child abuse? In my latest for Newsday, I make the case for states to ban the practice.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Morningside Heights, the fourth-largest Christian church in the world.



Fail Golf Channel, fail. 

Stuff like this is the reason we need the dream in the first place

Recent rule changes and research grants aside, the NFL hasn’t acknowledged its blatant ignorance - purposeful or not - toward concussions over the past five decades. Now comes word that the League leaned on sporting giant ESPN to bow out of a documentary partnership with PBS “Frontline” exposing the NFL’s checkered past. 

From amNewYork’s editorial we ran Monday:

Playing football will never be risk-free. But unless the sport’s dangers are recognized and addressed at the highest levels, the next generation of Pop Warner players may very well be choosing a different sport.

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The extended arm of a stolen New York City crane truck struck  several power lines as a joyriding transit employee drove it through his Elmont neighborhood Tuesday morning. Unfortunately for suspect Joel Grasman, however, lightning didn’t strike at the right moment, he wasn’t traveling 88 mph and the vehicle lacked a flux capacitor.

In my latest piece for Newsday, I present a case study in dumb criminals.

"Be ashamed to die until you’ve won some victory for humanity." - Horace Mann #MLK #IHaveADream

Social media erupted today with an outpouring of condolences and memories honoring the first man to walk on the moon. Problem is, Neil Armstrong died a year ago. In my latest for Newsday, I ask why - despite incredible information social media provides - we can’t or won’t or don’t absorb it. 

New York post goes full frontal in endorsing Quinn and Lhota for mayoral primary.